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Welcome to my blog! I am so glad you are here! Almost 3 years ago I was diagnosed with Lupus. Lupus is an autoimmune disease where the body attacks its own healthy tissues. Since then I have learned and experienced many things. I recently became an Ambassador for The Lupus Foundation of American, Florida Chapter, which I am extremely proud of. Unfortunately feeling sick was something I felt since I was a child. It took along time and many battles to get where I am today.

I decided to start a blog because after I got diagnosed, my flares started to become worse. The stress on my body would leave me homebound and bedridden for days where I couldn’t even walk. Through this pain and troubling time, I learned that writing helped me. Then after publishing my writings online, I found that it was helping others. From that moment on, I couldn’t find anything else that I’d rather do. Helping others is something I always loved to do. I was always worried when I got diagnosed with a chronic illness that I would lose that opportunity. But through it all I was able to find a new way. My mission in life is to help others not feel alone in their battle. Because feeling alone with a chronic illness just makes things that much harder. I want to do my very best to ensure that no one feels that pain. I hope to share my experiences, tips, and stories that people can relate to. I have other illnesses that I will be sharing on here as well so that I can spread awareness for all those who suffer from them. I was given this battle to fight and my choice is to keep fighting and never give up! I hope you never give up. Always fight and never back down. Just beware that I am very honest but that is something I never want to give up. I have my own style and I hope you enjoy and keep following this ‘One Tough Spoonie’.

With Love,
One Tough Spoonie

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