Top 5 Everyday Beauty Essentials – Spoonie Tools Edition

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* Please note these are just opinions and recommendations based on my use. I am not a doctor or claiming that these are going to work for everyone, just based on myself. Please note that I am not responsible if you do not like or if this product does not agree with you. These are simply tools and suggestions of things that I have tried myself and have been successful.*

When it comes with living with lupus there are so many things to try to balance in your life. For me, one of the first things to go was how I took care of myself. I guess you would say “I let myself go”. I didn’t care how I looked because I was in so much pain all the time. I was struggling with depression and just didn’t even want to look in the mirror.
I was and still am always fatigued and low on spoons as it is! I was not doing anything extra other than the necessities. Taking a shower sometimes makes me feel like I took a hike through the mountains, so doing more work is out of the question.

Finding tools that actually helped me was hard. These days there are so many marketing campaigns that I have no idea who to believe. Everyone claims to be gentle or hypoallergenic, only to find out it really isn’t! I’ve wasted countless of dollars trying so many things to end up using it once then it lives under my sink until one day I get the courage to throw it all away. I decided to share 5 beauty type tools that have become a staple for me. Things I have literally gotten to the point that I dont want to live without.

Besides lupus, I suffer from many other illnesses. I have extreme skins sensitivities with both natural and engineered products. So just because something is organic or natural doesn’t mean it won’t cause a terrible reaction for me. Ive learned this the hard way. Also some things claim to be helpful but they simply aren’t and I purchased into simple propaganda. I don’t want that for anyone else because its waste of time, money, and SPOONS! Another thing to note is that I use Amazon often so that I don’t have to go out into stores and save spoons.

  1. Wet Brush – I have curly, messy, unruly, tangling hair! So not only do I suffer from hair loss, I would lose even more when I would brush my hair because of knots and tangles. This brush is a lifesaver. I am simply not losing anywhere near as much as I would. It goes through my hair easier. I notice its not pulling out my hair, I am no longer breaking hair brushes because it would get stuck in it, nor am I exhausting  myself just to brush my hair. I now look forward to brush my hair because its easy and no longer hurts! Plus so much more is actually still in my head and not in the brush.

    Wet Brush Pro Detangle Hair Brush, Metallic Purple
  2. Renpure Biotin and Collagen Shampoo and Conditioner – This stuff is AMAZING. It’s not nearly as expensive of its competition and fancy name brands(which I found don’t work).  It also comes with a pump so I am no longer having to lift heavy bottles in the shower. Lupus causes some to suffer from hair loss and I am one of those. My hair was thin, brittle, breaking, and coming out in chunks at one point. I would literally sit there and cry after every shower. I also take chemotherapy drugs that cause even more hair loss.  Since starting this regimen I notice a huge difference. One that means I don’t use any other shampoo and conditioner. I have gotten more compliments on my hair than I ever have before. Plus I spend a lot less on this product than I ever had before. I am so thankful I found this because it has helped so much. I’ve even recommended it to others and they have told me they noticed a significant change too.  Don’t forget this is free of gluten, sulfates, and all the other bad stuff. Plus its safe on color treated hair!

    Renpure Originals Biotin & Collagen Thickening Shampoo And Conditioner Set 32 Oz (Zero Sodium Chloride, Sulfate, Dyes Harsh Salts, Parabens, Gluten)
  3. IT Cosmetics Confidence In An Eye Cream – Okay, I know this is hard to believe. But this is seriously beyond amazing. I was so skeptical to try it because so many eye creams promise things but they NEVER deliver. This one does. Not only have I tried it but even my mom has. She even got a compliment of someone thinking she got botox, but she didn’t, it was this eye cream! I suffer from chronic fatigue and my eyes are always SO dark. I seriously look like I got hit in both eyes each and everyday. I used this and the first application I noticed a difference. Then I used two jars, ran out, and within a week all my problems came back. I was so upset! But at the same time, happy that I found something that was actually working. I don’t know what it is but it not only helps with the darkness it helps life the eye area so you look more awake and gives a younger look. I am not kidding that I always get “Wow, you look so tired” so much. With this I didn’t hear as much. So for me, that is a huge win. This didn’t cause any irritations for me and it was on the delicate skin all around my eye.

    It Cosmetics Confidence In An Eye Cream 0.5 fl oz.
  4. IT Cosmetics Confidence In A Compact- Clearly, you can see IT Cosmetics is something I use. I actually started with a CC cream they had and moved on to other products since it did not cause any irritation. I have used this particular product everyday for years now. And I will not change it. I have tried every brand you can name of. It can be vegan, natural, organic, whatever. This has been just fine for my sensitive skin. I do wear the LIGHT color so thats what the link is for below. But you can simply choose your shade for what you need. This is the only foundation type product that I found that doesn’t cause my skin to become more irritated. It provides good coverage, has essential benefits, plus has my SPF in it. Anyone who has lupus knows that SPF is our best friend. And we need a high one. Because I am a spoonie I do not have the energy to put on 20 different things on my face. I am lucky if I even do this. So this has everything in one and makes me getting ready super quick and easy. Even if you don’t have lupus its very important that you keep your skin protected from suns harmful rays.

    it Cosmetics Confidence in a Compact Full Coverage Solid Super Serum with SPF 50 Plus, Medium (Light-Medium)

5. Organic Cotton Balls– You must be thinking, is she serious right now? Cottons balls. Yes I am serious. Because my skin is so sensitive I cannot wash my face with a towel, a cleansing wipe, or anything else out there. All those types of surfaces are way to abrasive. But I need something a little bit stronger than my hands. These cotton balls are life. I am not joking if I use something else I will get marks and cysts growing on my face. I do not know why but that is how sensitive my skin is. Even dermatologist look at me and scratch their heads. I use these to wash my face, apply creams, apply medications, clean or disinfect anything on my body. Many of us with lupus get rashes and I use these to apply any creams that might be necessary.  These are extremely soft and gentle for my skin and I am so thankful I found them.

Organic BIOLOGIQUE Cotton Balls,organic, Pack of 3 (240 Balls)

** Disclosure: The links above are affiliated but does not mean it will cost you anything. But amazon does give me a percentage if you click the links above and purchasing the product. **

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